You have a team to support you..

In your journey to achieve you own Four Year Career, you do not need to do it all own your own. You have you own personal Four Year Coach who will help you with any obstacles you may encounter and to provide guidance.    

Your personal coach is the person introduced you to the Four Year Career, Bliss Team, and Young Living. This may be a close friend or someone you recently meet – they be new or a seasoned veteran, they may be just starting to have success or super successful…

Regardless,  they are committed to helping you succeed – and if they do not have the answers you seek then they will find the answer or someone who can help.

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Hi, this is Tom Martin creator of this Dream Achievers site and a team leader.

Just know that even If I’am not your personal coach, I am here to help you also.

In addition to your personal coach and myself there are many others who are also committed to helping  you, like the person who introduced your personal coach, the person that introduced them, etc – they are called you Upline Sponsorship.

If for any reason you are not getting the help and guidance you need, then just contact anyone in you Sponsorship for help. Be sure to ask for two or three name besides Richard, Kimmy, Adam, and myself when you join us..

And that’s not all… The great thing about our team is that you can learn from the success of all team members.

The meaning of Team: Together Everyone Achieves More is really truth with Team Bliss and Dream Achievers…




In less than four years Adam was able to retire at age 24 from his job as a personal trainer by building his business in Young Living.

During his journey he sought out Richard Brooke for business coaching and has his team buys thousands of “The Four Year Career” to hand out to people so they may learn a fair and honest view of the Network Marketing income model.

You may read Adam’s success story in the Four Year Career book.

Watch a Million Dollar Interview with Adam Green and Eric Worre. Click Here




When Richard first joined the network marketing profession he struggled the first three years – then he figured something out and three years later he completed his own Four Year Career at age 28.

He has gone on to be a leader in the industry, owner of Bliss Business providing generic training in the network marketing profession, owner of Oxyfresh, and Life Matters.

Richard has always championed doing network marketing so that when ever someone meets one of us – even when they do not get involved, they walk a way with a better understanding and thing better of network marketing.

Richard is the author of The Four Year Career which he originally wrote from experience to show the ins and outs of network marketing – and so others who were not able to go to college has options – and to also give options to the college bound so by the end of their years that could have a monthly asset income that would allow then not have to take the first job and even take a few years off – maybe travel to Europe.

Listening to this recent interview of Richard is a must – click here

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Kimmy Brooke Richards wife – accomplished her own Four Year Career before she meet Richard.

With no previous experience in Network Marketing Kimmy went from zero to a seven-figures in just three years.

As a single mom, the only time Kimmy to build her four year career was on her lunch hours.

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Richard and Kimmy’s vision has always been build a company/team where people can build an Asset Income that will be secure for generations. With that in mind, the recently sold Life Matters where they were co-owners to join Adam Green in Young living everyone would have a better opportunity to achieve their own four year career.

They are now excited to be able to focus their time on training to help us all achieve our own four year career faster while building an even bigger asset income.


Bliss Business where Richard and Kimmy are co-owners is a generic training company for the network marketing profession and provides tons of free training to everyone.

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When Richard and Kimmy made the decision to sell their company Life Matters customers and sales force and to join Adam Green in Young Living so that we all would have a better opportunity to achieve our own four year career; Richard & Kimmy created Team Bliss.

To support the team Richard, Kimmy, and Adam have created a web site Team  as a place to provide training such as your first 48 hours and more. Plus, new contents is being added constantly.

There is also a Team Bliss Group on Facebook where you can learn from the sharing of other team members. Team Bliss Group on Facebook

Plus weekly Q&A call and special webinars by Richard, Kimmy, and Adam.

Where else can you get mentored by millionaires?


With Team Bliss and Young Living you have all the support you need to become successful and achieve Your Own Four Year Career.

This site Dream Achievers was created to add some addition support to the team.

The best way to introduce Young Living is with a home class like the recorded Class; but sometimes we have people who do not live near use, so these site was build as an alternative way to have them “Just Take A Look” at who we are and what we do.

When you join our team, you may use this site to send your prospect to for a first look.

The site allow you to brand yourself as  Your Four Year Coach and  link then to your Young Living site.

We gladly share information on this site to everyone in hope sometime here will help then on their way to their own Four Year Career even if the never join our team. That’s the way network marketing should be, friends helping friends even when they are in different companies.