Our Four Year Career Choice



Is this one of THOSE companies?

Yes, and no. We proudly employ the Network Marketing business model. We just do it differently.

  Here is how we are the same:

  • We are a Network Marketing, MLM, or Direct Sales company just like 1,000 other companies like us based in the US. Our business model has been flourishing around the world since 1946.
  • Our distributors do approach their friends and family first to introduce our products and opportunity. And then they continue on to their coworkers and extended network. Eventually they even invite people they have just met to take a look.
  • We are true storytellers. We tell our stories about what the products have done for us, and invite others to try them. We tell our stories about what we are building financially and why, and invite others to just take a look.
  • Most people who attempt to be successful end up giving up … either altogether or just to remain a customer. It is not for most people.

Here is how we are different:

  • We do not think you SHOULD do anything … not buy our products, not become a distributor, not earn more money, not quit your job, not even get healthier. We do not impose our values on you.
  • We do not argue with you about your opinions, objections or decisions.
  • We do not seek to make you wrong.
  • We do not encourage you to make decisions that are really more in our best interest than in yours.
  • We do not make promises we cannot keep or embellish the truth. We do not make income claims … possibilities, yes. Claims, no.
  • We do not make unsubstantiated claims for our products.
  • We do love and honor the decisions we have made for ourselves to be Life Matters customers and distributors.
  • We do love the Network Marketing business model, especially the geometric progression growth aspect … what Einstein called The Eighth Wonder of the World.
  • We do love our second incomes … some of us even love abundance, freedom and wealth, and we do not apologize for it.
  • We do love our products and our own true stories of what they have done for us.
  • We love to LISTEN and ask questions … authentic, curiosity-based questions so we can get to know you better, whether you become a customer or not.
  • We love inviting people to “just take a look,” and letting them decide what is right for them.
  • We love following up with people, asking them again if now might be a better time to take a look.
  • We love to have fun and build fantastic relationships with each other, frolicking with the world as our playground.
  • We love to grow personally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We are not resting on anything. We are “Betterment Seekers.”
  • We love our competitors. We see them as collaborators. They make us better. They make us all stronger.
  • We love our critics. They keep us humble and sharp.

We love our dreams and the paths we are all on to progressively realize them … including the struggle. For without struggle, there can be no triumph, and we are in it for all of it. Life … it all Matters.