• 12-minute Home Class recording of introduction to YL Essential Oils & income possibilites.


  • Richard & Kimmy Brooke join Adam on a fun filled hour long class.

"I almost didn't watch the whole presentation when it started with Essential Oils, which would have been a big mistake. I had no real reason, just didn't know their tremendous wellness benefits; but I'm glad I honored a friend who cared enough to share - and watched the complete video,  and got my questions answered. After a few days of following the 30-day guide, I was "Flat Out Feel Better" so I'm sure it's doing great things for my long term wellness."

Tom Martin

Wesley Chapel, FL

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At just 25 years old, Adam created a new meaning for 25 to Life. Instead of a life sentence in the work force, he escaped. he challenged the system, the way things were "supposed to be," and in a short four to five years broke out from his personal life sentence as an employee. Now, 25 to Life is a life based on complete financial freedom at the age of 25.

Adam "having my entire life ahead of me to live life to the fullest, while helping others escape their own life sentence. Believe me, if I can achieve this, you can as well. I encourage you to open your mind as you open this book. You just might open up a door to opportunity and change that will allow you to escape your 25 to Life."

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